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  • Fundamental Section-西京学院国际交流中心
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    Fundamental Section
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    Fundamental Section

    Fundamental Section of Xijing University has been established since July of 2008, which is responsible for all fundamental courses for all levels of the university. In the department, there are around 100 teachers, staff members and workers, of whom 80% are with master’s or doctor’s degree. It has Mathematics, Physics, College English, Foundation of Computer Sciences and Electric Technology. There are five teaching and research sections, as well as computer and experimental centers. With the goal of performing excellent teaching and research, the department has made considerable progress towards raising its standards of teaching, research and disciplinary organization. Its faculty includes senior professional titles that act as academic leaders and are dedicated to teaching research and developing teaching materials.
    Department of Economics
    Department of Economics of Xijing University has 5847 students, among whom there are 1218 undergraduate students. There are 4 majors: Electronic Commerce, International Business and Trade, Accounting, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. Department of Economics has a very rich resource of teaching faculty, among whom includes 9 professors and associate professors, 4 of whom are the supervisors of doctoral candidates and leaders of subjects. Department of Economics has adequate and advanced facility of teaching and scientific research; it takes two provincial research projects the year of 2009, 22 academic research papers and 3 publications of "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" textbooks have been published; the subject of Web Design and Production has been awarded “Provincial Excellent Courses.” There are Electronic Commerce, International Trade and Computerized Accounting 3 laboratories to ensure lab training for all majors. The Shige, Deyi and Yongyou 3 teaching software has been applied to enhance the teaching and learning activities.
    Department of Engineering & Technology
    The Department of Engineering & Technology has four undergraduate programs, they are: Civil Engineering, Project Management, Electronic and Information Engineering and Computer Sciences and Technology. Meantime, it also offers 5 vocational programs, they are: Construction Project Management, Mobile Communication Technology, Computer Network Technology, Computer Application Technology and Graphic Image Production. The students’ number is over 4,300. There are 120 faculty members and 40 teaching staffs, and 80% of them are master’s degree holder or above.  It has Construction Engineering Department, Electronic Information and Computer Sciences totally 3 teaching and research sections. In the year of 2008, there were 28 students took the national examination and 12 of them successfully passed in pursuing their bachelor’s degree in Chang’an University, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology and Xi'an University of Technology, etc.
    College of Arts and Economic Management
    Currently, 14 programs are offered in the College of Arts and Economic Management, they are: Business Administration, International Trade, Tourism Management, Finance, Hotel Management, Enterprise Financial Management, Accounting, Electronic Business, Marketing, Law, Journalism, English, Advertising, Hotel Hospitality, etc. The students are over 3000.
    College of Arts
    The College of Arts of Xijing University has undergraduate and vocational education. The undergraduate programs which are offered like Fine Arts, Animation and Art and Designing (including Arts Designing, Art of Decoration Designing and Clothing art design.) The programs are offered in vocational Education are Art of Decoration Designing, Computer Arts and Designing, Designing and Production of Advertising and Photographic Camera Technology, etc.
    Currently, there are around 1400 students in the College; the faculty number is over 50. 6 of them are professors and 7 associate professors, and 16 of them are master’s degree holders. The college provides abundant teaching and researching facilities, the Graphic Design Training Room, the Apple computer room, the Art and Design Studio and the Animation Training Studio totally over dozens of laboratories are open for students’ training.
    Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
    Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering has been established on March of 2005, it has undergraduate and vocational programs, including CNC Technology, Mechatronics, Nursing, Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, Industrial Design, etc. CNC Technology is the provincial key program; the program of Automation is with the provincial characteristics. There are more than 4300 students in the department from all over the nation.
    Department of Management Science
      Department of Management Science of Xijing University has 3000 students, there are 4 majors: Business Administration, Tourism Management, Logistics Management, and Marketing. 58% of teaching staffs are master’s degree holder or above. Professors and associate professors make up 30% of the faculty number. There are on-campus specialized laboratories such as accounting computerization, logistics, tourism multifunction, catering, etc. and 7 off-campus professional practice bases. The courses of Western Economics, Fundamentals of Management, and Fundamentals of Logistics have been awarded “College Level Excellent Courses.” Department of Management Science was cited by Shaanxi Province Committee and Department of Education of Shaanxi Province as “the Best Unit of Spiritual Civilization in the Education System of the Whole province.”
    College of Engineering
    College of Engineering of Xijing University has been established since 1994. There are two kinds of instruction model: self-education and oriented education. The college has 12 majors; they are Mechanical-electrical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Housing Construction Engineering, Communication Engineering, Computer Network, Computer Application, Computer Information Management and Numerical Control Technology, etc. There are 64 classes. The students number is over 2,822.
    College of Engineering sets up one Dean and one Deputy Dean. It administers general affairs office, teaching affairs office and student affairs office.
    There are 28 faculty members and 86 full-time and part-time teachers, and 60% of teaching staff are professors and associate professors. The party branch of College of Engineering won advanced party branch of Xijing University in 2008. A person has received provincial advanced individual in the ideological and political work. There have been 28 students admitted to graduate study over years. College of Engineering attaches great importance to the employment of graduates. The employment rate has reached over 96% in recent years. 

    College of Automobiles
    College of Automobiles of Xijing University has been established since 2008. It has one undergraduate program, that is: Transportation. Meanwhile, it also offers 3 vocational programs, they are: Automobile Inspection and Maintenance Technology, Automobile Application Technology, Automotive Service and Marketing. Oriented education includes 2 majors: Automobile Technology, Automotive Business. In the college, there are Automobile Teaching and Research Section, Driving School as well as Automotive Training Center. College of Automobiles has professors, associate professors, senior engineers and doctors who are rich in automobile teaching and automobile design experience.
    Department of Humanities
    Department of Humanities of Xijing University has been established since August 2005. It has two undergraduate programs, they are: English, Chinese Foreign Education. Meanwhile, it also offers three vocational programs, they are: Business English, News Gathering and Editing and Legal Affairs.
    There are professional teachers for all programs. Professor Liu Jianxun, academic pacesetter of News Gathering and Editing and tutor of postgraduate, is a communication review expert of the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council. He has published about 100 papers in domestic and foreign academic journals and a dozen books and teaching materials. Yang Runben, associate professor, served as chief reporter of the Xinhua News Agency, has engaged in teaching for many years.
    Building Department of Humanities into a more integrated, top-ranking, distinctive and potent department is the common aspiration and objective of all students and faculty. 

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