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  • 英文简介-西京学院国际交流中心
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        Xijing University has been built up since May of 1994. It is centrally situated in a 93-hectare campus in the south of Xi’an City with the building space of 540 thousand square meters. The University is equipped with abundant teaching facilities, such as 56 multi-media classrooms, 17 language labs, more than 180 laboratories and training bases.

     “The NC Engineering Training Center” is recognized as “Provincial Experimental Teaching and Demonstration Center”. It can take full advantage of its modernized equipments worth almost 100 million Yuan. The university library has been approved as “the Branch of State Digital Library,” the library stores 1.49 million books with dozens of reading rooms. The university has subscribed more than 2988 publications from domestic and foreign nations as well. The stadium is equipped with standard plastic athletic track, and football, basketball, volleyball and badminton courts as well.

       Xijing University focuses on the development of the three branches of learning: engineering, economics and fine arts. It also covers liberal arts, management, law, medicine, and many other disciplines as well. The University has four colleges and five departments offering undergraduate curriculums. They are: Fundamental Section, Department of Engineering and Technology, Mechanical-electrical Engineering, Management, Economics, Human Sciences, College of Arts, Economic Management and Engineering, College of Automobiles.

        It has a total of more than 40 undergraduate courses, technical courses and specially setting up for order education. There are one provincial focal course, one provincial demonstration university center, two provincial centers for vocational education reform, and one outstanding model vocational course.

      Currently, the University has 1,652 faculty members, 1,047 of them are full-time teachers. Among all the teaching staff, professors and associate professors account for 30%, 317 faculty members have been evaluated with the qualification of being professor and technician, and one of them is honored with the title of “Teaching Expert” in Shaanxi Province.  

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